The “TTIP Reloaded” conference will bring together leading international experts and members of the Italian government to discuss and reflect upon the latest research on the economic impact of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Thus the conference wants to revitalize the constructive dialogue on the subject.

The conference will start by providing the Italian Government and the present stakeholders with a better understanding of the state of play of negotiations, highlighting what has been achieved so far and what remains to be done. Moving on to a more global perspective, the discussion will address the potential impact of TTIP on Europe’s economic leadership, as well as the possible drawbacks of a transatlantic deal for non-participating nations. To finish with, the panel will tackle in more details the question of TTIP’s impact on European economic sectors, job creation and labour standards

This initiative follows a series of proposals and requests issued by several actors willing to gather a transnational expertise on the issue of TTIP. Among them:  Eurofound, Confindustria Energia, Fondazione Rete Imprese Italia, AFL-CIO, UIL, Camera di commercio Italo Americana, Alenia, Esso, ENI, Poste Italiane, ENEL, Telecom Italia, Obiettivo Lavoro Spa.